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Moti was so pleasant to deal with. He was efficient, personal and very helpful. During the installation he was able to run and hide all the cables in the wall, and all equipment is hidden so you can we can just see the TV, but are still able to control it/ He programmed a new universal remote, and took are of the old system. 
Very hard to find such a trust worthy honest professional; Definitely recommended professional!!


Leah Abraham


The service was done in a very professional manner.  He worked around my schedule as to not interfere with our school day.  He was kind, polite and worked quickly to ensure I never had a lapse in phone use or security at the building.  I was given a fair estimate and the invoice was the same...no hidden fees or changes.


Julie Silverman


TalkingIP installed an electronic key locking system for our school.  I was a particularly difficult job as some of the existing wiring was defective and the building itself is not conducive to having new wiring installed.  
TalkingIP did an excellent job.


Marc Isenberg


installer called same morning to confirm the appointment. was very polite on the phone,
I knew by talking to him that he will do a grate job (Don't ask me why , I have no clue)
I was right . installer talked with me again to make sure that he understand my need and after that preformed his amazing job . I really felt I'm in a good hands and while I worked in my home office, he did the job . I actually forgot he's in the house , this  is how clean and quite he was. I cant say enough good things about this guy. Don't even think twice if you consider hiring someone for your home Audio and automation install. (He told me he's doing other stuff as well phone system, security cameras and other things, but I don't know to recommend , since I did not do this kind of work with him. If I have to guess , he will do a perfect job in anything he touches)


Avi Gilor


I chose TalkingIP because the rep who came over was able to translate "tech talk" into real english for me so that i knew exactly what i was getting and why. i ask a LOT of questions because i want to understand everything and not a lot of professionals have the patience for that (they just want to get in and out as quickly as possible). They completed the job within a few hours and were quick and responsive with any follow up questions I had. I highly recommend.

Lee Stein


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